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I am Margaret Frings Keyes, a Jungian Psychotherapist and Writer in San Francisco, California

Margaret Frings Keyes, a Jungian psychotherapist and writer (Board of Behavioral Sciences licenses LCS 63 and PCE 2454), has worked with individuals, small groups and graduate students in psychology as well as business and professional groups. She participated in clinical and research work at the UC Medical Center with Eric Berne, M.D. when he formulated his theory of Transactional Analysis, and trained as a Gestalt Analyst with Fritz Perls, M.D. She studied Jungian Depth Psychology with Jos. Wheelwright, M.D., founder of the SF Jungian Institute; with Elizabeth Howes, Ph.D., founder of the Guild for Psychological Studies, and with Helen Luke, founder of the Jungian Institute in Three Rivers, Michigan. Her published books include: The Inward Journey: Art Methods in Psychotherapy; Staying Married; Out of the Shadows: The Uses of Anxiety, Anger, and Depression; Emotions and the Enneagram: Working Through Your Shadow Life Script and (with cartoonist MK Brown) The Enneagram Relationship Workbook.

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Minds within Mind with cartoons by MK Brown (and a few in the text by MFK).

Minds within Minds

The word mind refers to that part of each of us that embodies our thoughts, hopes, desires, memories, and experiences. We think of ourselves as being separate from one another. We are—and we live different stories. However, we also share in group minds—their feelings, attitudes and decisions.

Minds within Mind: The Patterns of Group Process studies the relationship between emotions and reason and our sense of self at different levels of our life—within our physical brain, in our family of origin, and in later social groups. Two laboratory explorations, the first into our individual families, and the second into a current group selected by the reader/ student will anchor our thought about the identity-forming experiences of group mind. The findings allow us to think further about corporate mindsets and the “spirit of the times.” A central focus will be on strengthening empathy, that skill basic to diplomacy and conflict resolution. If you are interested in either the book or the class, please email

The Wisdom of Age:  A-Work-in-Process  This Lab is for anyone interested in civic service—membership on the Civil Grand Jury, a seat on the Board of Directors of a non-profit agency, volunteer work at a facility for the Aging, the Youth Guidance Center, or in the prison system.  Using our years of experience and insight effectively not only rejuvenates our skills, but also satisfies our need to do something that matters. It is fun, friendships deepen—and serve the common good. 

There are three forms of leadership, with the third splitting into three sub-types, and each one of us has an affinity for at least one of these forms. We will use theater games, role reversal, and analysis to strengthen our particular interactive leadership skills. Our Lab will be a ‘Training-Wheels’ interactive seminar to understand some patterns that come into play within groups.  There are three basic types of conflict, and they each involve boundaries and behavior. There are three components—motivation (pain and hope), capacity (your own and that of the other) and opportunity, (timing and available community resources) that must be worked with for effective action.

Please email for a free reading list for broader understanding of the reality of the Patterns, and / or to register for the interactive seminar.

Residential Intensive Individual Therapy

In addition to combining psychodrama and theory of the Enneagram (a personality classification system) with methods of group therapy, Margaret Keyes innovated the use of creative methods in residential intensive therapy for individuals. For more information please email


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